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Now the computer is the main instrument of business, in whatever sphere each concrete company worked. Databases are stored in the computer, documentation of the company and information on projects; with its help communication with clients and employees is provided. High-quality service of computers: providing correct and надëжной operation of computers at office — is it directly productivity of firm depends.

Our company provides service of computers of the organizations in St. Petersburg more than 4 years. We offer a full range service of computer equipment. All our experts possess high qualification in the field of computer technologies.

So, service of computers of the organizations is necessary:

  • To the companies of small business working in its various spheres. The number of computers in such companies is insignificant, as well as all staff of his workers, is insignificant by definition and consequently at existence from three to twenty computers to keep in the staff of the system administrator unfairly for financial reasons. But continuous work even small number of computers is all-important!
  • To the organizations which efficiency of activity depends first of all on productivity of computers and their harmonious, reliable work. And after all safety of information which is storing on computers, confidence of its excellent protection is still especially important for such organizations.
  • To the organizations which reduce the expenses: there is no need to hold an established post, so, you save on a salary, taxes, training, a workplace of the employee. And as the employee has no holidays and sick-lists.
  • To the organizations which want to apply the most modern software products and information technologies to achievement of goals
  • To the organizations, wishing to get rid of any problems with work of computer equipment, having shifted their decision on shoulders of professionals.

It is necessary for you to make a site?!

It is known that development of a site of the company, one of the first steps on a way of formation and development of your business. Therefore the qualitative design of a site considering a corporate style of your organization or making indelible (and positive!) impression of the schedule, will tell to potential clients or partners about your firm at all less, than prestigiously arranged office in which there are all last achievements of interior design.

The sense in creation of a corporate site — is defined by contents of that message which is necessary to inform to visitors of your resource, and the design of a site will give to this message a necessary form. Thus, development of a site of the company — is the moment of finding of the person your business on the Internet. That is the design of a site and further filling of a site can be compared to means for a make-up that can and should increase its selling ability several times. Also increases, as practice shows!

Trusting creation of the site to the people who professionally are not engaged in web design (for example, to the ordinary programmer or the acquaintance), instead of expected, you very much risk to gain opposite effect. The wrong display of information by different browsers will force the visitor to leave a site forever. The inconvenient concept of navigation and "cheap" design of a site push away the potential client, and create negative attitude to the company and sharply worsen your image and reduce your profit. From all aforesaid it is possible to draw one conclusion:

development of a site of the company should be conducted only by professionals!

Our studio a design web (the company the Petersburg computer service 911) having a wide experience is glad to offer for you and for success of your business, the services in creation and service of sites: to develop a site with structure convenient to you, to think over design of a site (or to coordinate with a corporate style), to provide pragmatism of its functional part, and also to pick up site filling.

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